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Hidden Ireland

Ireland's built heritage is pretty impressive. How many castles do you think are scattered across the country? It's hard to believe - more than 30 000! And what about the abbeys, the churches and the monasteries, the round towers, and all the forts and dolmens... not to mention the old graveyards that have so much to offer with their amazing sculptural elements and carvings. Thousands and thousands of monuments are still there for us, waiting to be rediscovered, researched and remembered once and for all. There's a stone treasure behind every corner, in the middle of each field, beside every shore.

I fell in love with this heritage when I first visited the country and I started a photo and text diary four years ago. I'd love to share some shots and stories from my trips, to involve people in a travel through time and encourage everybody to keep their eyes wide open next time when they're traveling. Maybe on the way to your parents' house you've seen a pile of stones or an interesting ruin? Go closer, take pictures, ask locals about its history or simply google it. Share what you've found with friends and family (and with me if possible, I'm always ready for a historical adventure). It's probably there for ages (literally) so why not learn its name at least. Let's reveal the secrets of Hidden Ireland and breathe new life into the built heritage by photo taking, researching and sharing.

The event took place on the 20th of August 2022 at Shop Street, Galway, Ireland.

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