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   Ekaterina Ivanova is a Bulgarian contemporary artist, based in Ireland. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Practice (Centre for Creative Art & Media, Galway, Ireland) and a Bachelor’s degree in Mural Painting (National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria).

   In 2020, for the 5th consecutive year, she took part in the international exhibition ‘Art-Rozaliada’, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, where only winners from previous years were invited. In 2019, she won an award for personal achievements in Graphics at the ‘Art-Rozaliada’ exhibition with the triptych ‘Past, Present, Future’. The artwork was created in the Centre for Creative Art and Media, where she spent the winter semester of 2018 during an ERASMUS+ exchange program.

   In 2019, she completed a self-developed project in the field of contemporary mural painting in the office of the Embassy of Ireland in Sofia, Bulgaria.

   Ekaterina has also participated in several other group exhibitions such as 'Public Forum Art' (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2022), 'Plan C: Whereabouts?' (Galway, Ireland, 2021), 'Burgas Forum Art' (Burgas, Bulgaria, 2021), 'Athens Open Art' (Athens, Greece, 2021), ‘70 Years Mural Painting Department’ (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018). 


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