Artist's Statement

   I'm a detail lover, but also a fan of large scale projects. In my work, you can find many hidden symbols, numbers, and intertwined silhouettes. I’ve always been interested in geometry, numerology, ratios, and symbols. Therefore, mathematics has always been an inspiration for my art process and I often rely on it to help me build more harmonic images. Artists such as M. C. Escher, Albrecht Durer, and Albert Flocon reveal to the viewer the greatest visual effects of perspective, optical illusions, geometry (including the Platonic and Archimedean solids) or the bond between art and maths in general. I'm dedicated to keeping that sacred bond alive, helping it grow, and glow.


    My work also explores the opposites and links between them (day/night, water/fire, man/woman, etc.). I like thinking about art as a complicated puzzle that unites in its pieces the artist’s deepest thoughts and feelings. In that relation, there is a hidden background behind every one of my pieces – a personal story, understanding of a particular topic or of the world in general.


    I offer the viewers a majority of exquisite details, hidden symbolic signs, and elements bound in a complex multi-layered map that should lead them to their own version of the untold story.